[na-user] NA v10.27

Chris Burbanks Chris Burbanks <g3sjj@btinternet.com>
Tue, 19 May 98 05:55:27 +0100 ( + )

Just received latest version of NA. One of the many features that I like
is the ability to select the leading zero abbreviation. I use the logger in
all the RSGB contests, it doesn't score them but that's not a problem
as I put the .log file into Excel and go from there.

I have asked Dave K8CC to look at extending the program to cover the
RSGB's IOTA Contest. It would be ideal for multi-op stations. I have used
it for the last two years from GU6D and GU7D but mult tracking was not
possible. Also we found that Qs entered on the Run station computer
appeared on the multi stn screen but the serial numbers had not been
updated, this only occouring when the mult computer was scrolling back
through the log. I intend checking that out on the new version, but mean-
time we will probablu use TR for this year's venture to Sark as GU8D.

I could do with the latest NAU.EXE if any can supply. There was a disk
error on my latest version which has corrupted that file.

Regards  Chris Burbanks   G3SJJ   Chairman RSGB HF Contests Committee
( and IOTA Contest Co-ordinator)

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