[na-user] 10.28 Kudos

Rich Dailey, KA8OKH Rich Dailey, KA8OKH" <ka8okh@som-uky.campus.mci.net
Mon, 25 May 1998 23:33:56 -0400

I just want to take a moment to thank the NA team for
the work done to make NA what it is.  I decided to update
my machine to include the latest release - 10.28.  It works
fantastic... particularly the moving band map.  You see,  my
IC-751 is kinda crotchety when it comes to interfacing.  It
does not work well when the CI-V interface is in transceive
mode, so I have to leave this mode disabled (hence, the rig does
not send freq data out when the knob is turned.  It only sends
data when it is polled).

NA 10.28 (and probably a few earlier versions) seems to poll
the 751 every second,  giving the bandmap a nice look&feel
when I'm trolling the band.  Another logger that I have used
does not do this with my 751.

No two radio stuff or networking here,  so I'm not throwing
anything too difficult at the software.  Just serial cw,  rig ctrl,
and occasional packet.  Maybe lpt band switching later.

So what I'm saying is that I'm a very satisfied customer.  No
paid endorsement... I'm just a happy NA user.  Just wanted to
post something to balance out the bug reports and such.

Great job Dave &c.

...Rich 59 KY

Rich Dailey, KA8OKH <ka8okh@som-uky.campus.mci.net>
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