[na-user] no sidetone

KK4R002@aol.com KK4R002@aol.com
Sun, 31 May 1998 15:17:19 EDT

This is a problem that may be associated with the hardware rather than the
software, but an idea or two would help.

There is no sidetone.  This is not really a big problem since my rig has a
sidetone, but it would be nice to be able to use practice mode.  The problem
was first noticed after upgrading to 10.26), and now 10.28 is installed.  When
the problem first cropped up, I did a little trouble shooting.  Other than the
software upgrade, there were some changes to the computer around that time: a
hard drive failure, a new hard drive, a new CD ROM drive, and a new Acer sound
card.  Of course the sound card sounds like a good suspect, but everything
else is working better than with the old sound card.  NA is run in a windows
DOS session usually, but it can also be run by rebooting to DOS.  Either way,
no sidetone.  I have alternately blamed the hardware and worried that I did
something wrong configuring NA.

>From November until last week, I didn't operate due to antenna troubles and a
too busy schedule.  After loading 10.28, I decided to use practice mode and
get warmed up for some contesting, and I rediscovered the missing sidetone.
Some fresh ideas about the problem would be welcome.


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