[na-user] win 98

Tom Homewood Tom Homewood <w1to@ibm.net>
Wed, 18 Nov 1998 09:04:19 -0500

I have had trouble getting NA to run with a 486/66 machine with only
Windows 95 on it.  Even starting in DOS mode without going into windows
hasn't been completely successful.  I cannot get the keyer to key my
rig.  I have a TNC on Com 2 and the keyer on Com 3 and it won't key.
The sidetone does have cw.  I hope someone comes up with an answer.  I
am going to try a DOS 6.22 boot disk and see what happens.  Let me know
if you have success please.

I know NA is a DOS program, but more and more people are going to have
this problem.  I hope K8CC comes up with a way to be compatible with
Windows DOS.

73, Tom, W1TO

Courtney Judd wrote:

>  I am looking for any help, ideas, suggestions for using na-10 with
> windows 98.... i have new computer 233 mhz interfaced with rig using
> dx4win for logging... tried writelog for contesting but i much prefer
> na-10... i have it loaded up in a folder called C:\na-10... how can i
> make a shortcut that will allow DVPTSR to be loaded and program run...
> i would be most interested in any ideas... tnx 73's Cort K4JYO

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