[na-user] win 98

KK4R002@aol.com KK4R002@aol.com
Wed, 18 Nov 1998 21:08:43 EST

I have run NA under windows 95 on a 486 without difficulties, once everything
was set up right.  There are a couple of ways to do it.  I wrote a long
article to the reflector about this a few months ago.  Dave Pruett asked me if
he could make a tech note of it, but he is still looking for a round tuit.  I
don't have time to reproduce the work here, so I suggest you look in the
archives for the reflector.  Unfortunately my original file was lost to a hard
drive crash, and I don't have time right now to try to rewrite it, so here are
a few quick suggestions.

First, if you have tried to boot and run under DOS and still have a problem
with the keyer on COM 3, consider the possibility of an IRQ or other hardware
conflict.  I suggest you try removing another device temporarily so you can
try the keyer on COM 1 or 2.

Second, there are 2 ways to run NA from windows.  Either way you end up
running DOS, but one way will reboot the computer to DOS using an Autoexec.bat
and Config.sys that you can write.  This gives you the opportunity (or job) of
putting in the necessary real mode drivers etc., and NA will run just as
though you booted to DOS with a floppy containing the configuration files.  At
the end of the session, you will exit, and the machine will reboot to Windows
in its normal configuration.  The other way, which I prefer, is to run a DOS
session under Windows with Windows in control of the hardware.  I will talk
about this method first.

You have already received a suggestion about how to run NA in a DOS session
under Windows.  It was suggested that you look carefully at the properties of
the DOS session.  If you create a shortcut for NA, it will have properties
that you can set by right-clicking on the shortcut.  Here  is where I don't
have time for detailed instructions.  Look at all the tabs and think about the
options.  Tailor the session for NA.  One tab will let you turn off the
Windows hot keys.  Do it.  Otherwise there will be conflicts with NA.

The properties of the DOS session can be set to let you run exclusively under
DOS.  If you select this option, the machine will reboot to DOS when you
double click the shortcut.  By way of the properties, you will also have the
opportunity to enter the config.sys and autoexec.bat lines inside dialog
boxes.  These lines will be put into special autoexec and config files that
will replace the normal (or missing) autoexec.bat and config.sys files used by
Windows when the machine reboots to DOS.  After you exit, the old files will
be used to boot back up to Windows, and everything should be normal.

Hope this helps.

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