[na-user] Pa QSO Party

John Bednar jkbe@aloft.micro.lucent.com (John Bednar)
Fri, 9 Oct 1998 08:56:08 -0400

>  Hello again all,
>   I just tried the PA QSO Party on NA and found what I think might be a
> problem. 
> Maybe this has been addressed before...When working a mobile in 2nd or 3rd
> (or more) county 
> it shows up as a dupe. The only way that I can see is to log the mobile as
> K3XXX/m, then K3XXX/m1,
> K3XXX/m2, etc. Any other suggestions, ideas, ???
>  Thanks,
>  Tom K5IID


In the past I've used the technique of K5IID/CAR, K5IID/MOE, K5IID/NHA
(adding the county to the call). There is an option in the OPTIONS
menu that I plan to try this year. It's "QTH's must match for DUPE".
I believe it should work just fine. If not, I'll go back to adding
the county abbreviation to the call.

John, K3CT

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