[na-user] Country file update

Jim Reisert AD1C Jim Reisert AD1C <jjreisert@alum.mit.edu>
Tue, 13 Oct 1998 23:57:25 -0400

The country files for CT/NA/TR are updated on the CT web site:


You can also get them via E-mail:

	To: ct-user-REQUEST@contesting.com	

	GET cty.dat
	GET history.cty

I E-mailed the update to Dave, K8CC, it should be up on the
http://www.contesting.com/datom/ site shortly.

Note that there were COUNTRY changes this time around, so if you are using
CT 8 or earlier,and you run CTYHDG to put the beam headings into your
country file, you MUST download the updated CTYHDG.PRE file also.

Here are the release notes:

13 October 1998 (CTY-802)

        o Added B4R and B1A to callsign list for China, BY.
        o Added BI to prefix list for China, BY.
        o Added EM1LV to callsign list for Antarctica, CE9.
        o Added CX8AT/D to callsign list for Uruguay, CX.
        o Added TX8A to callsign list for New Caledonia, FK.
        o Added TO8B to callsign list for Martinique, FM.
        o Added country Austral Islands, FO/a.
        o Added country Marquesas Islands, FO/m.
        o Added country Temotu Province, H40.
        o Added IQ9L to callsign list for African Italy, IG9.
        o Added following USA stations with zone (CQ,ITU) overrides:
          K5RC(3,6), K1KY(4,8), W4CAT(4,8),W4KH(4,8), NT4L(4,8),
          K4FUN(4,8), K5MDX(4,8), WQ5L(4,8), N8YYS(5,8), W8AH(5,8),
          N4ZR(5,8), K5IID(5,8), K8UC(5,8), KD8G(5,8), K8WT(5,8),
          AA8RK(5,8), WA8KAN(5,8), AA8UL(5,8), K4WW(4,8), AA4NU(4,8),
          K0LUZ(5,8), K5FUV(5,8), W6PH(5,8), K8CH(5,8), K8LT(5,8),
          KC8PE(5,8), K8PO(5,8), AA9LA(5,8), W9WBA(5,8), W0AD(5,8),
          W0MHK(5,8), K0TV(5,8), KO0U(5,8), W9PL(3,6) and K7BG(4,7).
        o Removed S0, Southern Sudan (deleted country).
        o Changed prefix of Pitcairn I. from VR6 to VP6.
        o Removed all prefix mappings for Hong Kong except VR.
        o Removed the following Zone 2 callsigns:  VE2DUN, VE2DYL,
          (tks VE3FU).
        o Added VA2DO, VA2BY and VE3RHJ/2, all in Zone 2, to callsign
          list for Canada, VE.
        o Added ZS80NRM to callsign list for South Africa, ZS.

73 - Jim AD1C

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