[na-user] ver 10.33

jtolbert jtolbert" <jtolbert@gremlan.org
Wed, 14 Oct 1998 23:14:46 -0500

had the chance to try 10.33 during the PA Qso party. This is my first
experience with ver 10 as I had ver 9 before.
I couldn't quite get the autodupe to work. If I read everything right when
I pressed insert to send the exchange if the station was a 	
dupe it should have sent the f6 message. I had auotdupe enabled and a
message in f6. The biggest problem was with my W9XT
card. I used to program the memories using the dvrc program supplied with
the card. However with ver 10 I must record them from	
within NA and then if I switch modes and come back to ssb I must record
them again. Also the voicekeyer wont key unless you	
change bands first. When the program first comes up you need to change
bands before the W9XT card will key. Also is the CQ
delay (F1 repeat) from the end of the message or the beginning? If set for
a 3 second delay it seems to key almost immediately
after the end of the message...73 Jamie WW3S

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