[na-user] ver 10.33

dap14@chrysler.com dap14@chrysler.com
Thu, 15 Oct 1998 11:06:00 -0400

Addressing the issues raised by WW3S:

>I couldn't quite get the autodupe to work. If I read everything
>right when I pressed insert to send the exchange if the station
>was a dupe it should have sent the f6 message. I had auotdupe
>enabled and a message in f6.

Nobody has reported any AutoDupe problems recently, so I think the
problem here is most likely due to the "QTH Must Match For Dupe"
is turned on (necessary to log the mobiles in PAQP).  The reason
this is an issue is that unless the qth field (in this case, county
or state) is filled in, NA cannot determine for certain that a
QSO is a dupe.  When running stations with AutoDupe on, you have not
yet received the qth information so AutoDupe defaults to "send the
exchange".  This is how the program was designed to operate - if
anyone has a better idea how to deal with this dilemma I'm open to

>The biggest problem was with my W9XT card. I used to program the
>memories using the dvrc program supplied with the card. However
>with ver 10 I must record them from within NA and then if I switch
>modes and come back to ssb I must record them again.

This was a real subtle (at least to the code) problem that I thought
was fixed.  By this, I mean that it tested it in my shack and found
that changing modes erased the messages, the changed the code and it
didn't.  I will try to verify this again, but are you sure that you
were running 10.33 and not some earlier version?

>Also the voicekeyer wont key unless you change bands first. When
>the program first comes up you need to change bands before the W9XT
>card will key.

We have three W9XT cards at K8CC and have never seen this problem.
Are you using two-radio control?  This will disrupt W9XT operation
if its set to the same port (there is no reason to do this).  Do you
have any band/antenna switching enabled?  If this is toggling bits
on the same port as the W9XT card this will also disrupt the W9XT

>Also is the CQ delay (F1 repeat) from the end of the message or the
>beginning? If set for a 3 second delay it seems to key almost
>immediately after the end of the message.

The W9XT card provides no way for NA to know it has stopped sending.
Gary, W9XT came up with a mod to allow this but it involved cutting
traces and adding jumps on the card itself.  We decided to opt for a
simpler solution.  When using a W9XT card or external voicekeyer,
the program assumes that the CQ is five seconds long, adds the
specified, and then waits that period of time after the CQ starts.
If the CQ is longer or shorter the user tends to adjust the delay
to fit.  One suggestion has been made to have separate delays for
phone and CW.


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