[na-user] Possible Problem w/10.34

N4CW@aol.com N4CW@aol.com
Tue, 20 Oct 1998 21:14:29 EDT

I ran into a problem---here's what I did:
(1) set up for CQWW SSB, SO/SB
(2) enter ZD8Z as first entry
(3) enter PY0FF as second entry
(4) type AUTOCHECK and hit Enter
(5) type CALLDATABASE and hit Enter (MASTER.DTA 10-16-97 installed)
(6) select MASTER
(7) enter DL0AU as the next entry
(8) you don't like the load the MASTER database is putting on your system
so you decide to turn it off. You enter CALLDATABASE and as you type the 
last letter of that word, you get "ERROR 05 occurred in module SCR_OVL at
address 3B4C:276E."
Am I doing something wrong or did I discover a problem?
73, Bert N4CW

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