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Bill Fisher - W4AN Bill Fisher - W4AN <w4an@contesting.com>
Wed, 28 Oct 1998 10:32:19 -0500 (EST)

1.  I would like to see frequencies in the .PRN file.  This is a very good
indicator of what I was doing when I go back and review my log.  With only
band information, I have no idea if I was S&Ping or CQing.  It would also
give me a good indication of how hard I was working the 2nd radio.

2.  Delay settings for auto-repeat should be programmable to 1/2 seconds
in my opinion.  I dont know why, but getting exactly the right timing
seems to be important to me.

3.  Auto start of CQ on SSB does not work.  Example:

-Radio #1 is CQing away with the DVP.
-I que up a station on the 2nd radio with ALT-D.
-I hit F4 to send my call on the 2nd radio.
-At this point the DVP should automatically start CQing on Radio #1.
-After my report is received, I hit F2 to send the report on radio #2.
-The 1st radio starts CQing again.

This works perfectly on CW.

4.  Another thing that is kind of broken...  If I had the program in
the auto-CQ mode and the guy takes a long time to send me my report, the
program will start CQing on the 2nd radio.  NA needs to completely disable
AUTO-CQ when a station is called on the 2nd radio and it should not be
re-enabled until I hit CQ again on the first radio.  This stuff works
perfectly on CW.

If I didn't make this clear, I'll call you on the phone and we can talk it


Bill - W4AN - K4AAA

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