[na-user] na10 on a B&W monitor

Jim White, K4OJ Jim White, K4OJ" <k4oj@ij.net
Sat, 31 Oct 1998 12:52:12 -0500


Is anyone out there using NA with a B&W monochrome monitor?

I have one in my NA network and cannot read the screen properly (I know,
buy a cheap VGA monitor).........

How do I get the grays such that I can see the different windows without
losing track of them...several things I know what keys to push by
experience with the software but cannot see it on the screen!

While thumbing my manual I couldn't find where the instructions for use
with a monochrome screen were........

In the config I see monitor setup with F9 to set to the current monitor but
that changes nothing........

If you have been down this road pls share your solutions, thanks!


Jim, K4OJ

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