[na-user] Sprint Log Printing Problem

David A. Pruett David A. Pruett" <k8cc@ix.netcom.com
Mon, 14 Sep 1998 20:58:28 -0400

K6LA and others have reported the program crashes with an error 54 when
trying to print Sprint logs.  Thru some experimentation this evening, the
problem has been traced to the "QSOs By Continent Breakdown".  Although I
don't have the bug fixed yet, by turning off this breakdown the rest of the
log can be printed successfully.

To fix this, type BREAKDOWN before writing the log files.  Move down to
"QSO By Continent Breakdown" and press the spacebar to toggle this off. 
Press Ctrl-Enter to exit, then press N when the program asked "Print
Breakdowns Now?".  Exit the program as usual with the "<W>rite Logs to
Disk" and you're all set.


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