[na-user] WPX - KG4 scoring error

Paul Womble Paul Womble <aj4y@concentric.net>
Tue, 06 Apr 1999 12:11:51 -0400

We have several new KG4***  calls here in Central Florida. But they are
anywhere a new license is issued in the 4th call district.  I just
received KG4CLX as a club call for our American Red Cross chapter club
station (To be replaced by a vanity call soon!).  So...if the FCC is up
to the middle of the C's in the suffix then there are lots of the 2x3
KG4 calls out there.   The Gitmo calls are all 2x2 format only.

Is there a way in the .cty file or in NA  to indicate a country by the
number of digits in the call with a given prefix?  I.e.: KG4TO (5
characters in call)  is Gitmo but KG4BAS (6 characters) is US?

Paul AJ4Y

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