[na-user] NA 10.37 now available

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Tue, 13 Apr 1999 14:52:33 -0400

11 APRIL 1999

A new version of the NA contest logging program is now available from the
Radio Bookstore or the DATOM Engineering web site.  This version has the
following changes:

Bug fixes -

*   When using two computers to send exchanges with a common serial number,
    serial numbers sent from one computer were incorrect after a QSO was
    logged on the remote computer (tnx K3MM, N6IG).
*   Paddle reversal feature was broken (tnx K5RA & W5FO).
*   Program would sometimes crash writing output files when a callsign
    database was in use.  (Big tnx to Dick, WC1M for discovering the
    scenario when the crash would occur.)
*   Four & six digit KG4s were scored as Guantanamo in WPX (tnx K6EP).

New features -

*   There are now separate CW sidetones for paddle and computer-sent
    messages controlled by selections in the KEYER CONTROL PANEL (tnx to
    N5TJ for the suggestion).
*   A new window called CONTEST BY HOUR has been added (tnx W4AN for the
*   Ctrl-End key now moves to the end of the log while editing.  Ctrl-Home
    key moves to the beginning of the log.
*   Added the following improvements to NAU version 1.29:
    - The MERGE TWO QDF FILES function can now handle .QDFs up to NA's
      QSO limit (was 6000 QSOs due to memory limitation).
    - DIVIDE QDF BY BANDS (F1, then F6) has become SEPARATE A .QDF FILE.
      An NA log file can now be separated by band, xmtr1/xmtr2 for m/2,
      run/mult for m/s, or by the computer which logged the QSO.

Updated files -

*   Latest COUNTRY.DAT from AD1C with erroneous control characters removed.
*   IOTA.DAT has been updated with latest continent counts.
*   Template files for MI and FL QSO parties updated to new rules.

Current versions of NA and accessory programs:

NA      10.37
NAU      1.29
NAQSL    3.13
TE       1.09
CONFIG   1.08


DATOM Engineering

Dave Pruett, K8CC
Tom Pruett, WB8VMN

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