[na-user] Need a NA Elmer

mailbox-gaskins mailbox-gaskins <pgaskin@imcnet.net>
Tue, 27 Apr 1999 20:51:35 -0500

   Fellow Hams,
    I need an Elmer to help me get my copy of NA working with my
   Icom 706MK2.
    The interface I'm using is a MFJ 5383I.I have been told that
   this will work ok however,so far it hasn't for me.
    I've tried an earlier posting's advice on setting the 
   equipment up for an Icom 735 and changing the rig's code
   to no avail.
    I am not the world's best DOS op however ,I'm not completely
   "computer challenged".Still though I require lots of patience.
    If you feel you are up to the challenge,please contact me
   via e-mail at pgaskin@imcnet.net.
    Pete N2PG 
    formally KB2VMO

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