[na-user] Tnx and rig support

Mark Ketchell Mark Ketchell <n5myh@arrl.net>
Fri, 06 Aug 1999 10:48:03 -0500

Hi Dave,
Have used NA for several years now and really enjoy it. Several others in
the Monroe area have been introduced/converted to NA. Our club President
and also our Field Day chairman bought copies so the club could use for
Field Day. Both the club and my group (we do a 5E entry from my house),
tried the LOOP network for the first time this year and LOVE IT! Thanks
also for the regular updates.

I built a CT-17 clone into my IC-761(the schematic was in the 761 manual)
a couple of years ago and enjoy using NA for computer control during
contests. What a time saver! I also regularly participate in VHF contests
and recently upgraded from an old IC-211 to a IC-271 for 2 meters, and from
an old transverter to a IC-471 for 70cm. Since NA now supports multiple
rigs, I made sure that both the Icoms had a UX-14 interface in them. The
other day, I finished another CT-17 clone, wired up the rigs and fired up
NA to set it to run my new toys and found none of the older VHF/UHF rigs in
the list. The paperwork with the UX-14 mentions that each Icom has a unique
address. I have not experimented further, but I wonder if the UX-14 is set
to match something hardcoded into the rig, or if the UX-14 itself sets the
address. If the latter were true, would setting them up as a 706 and 746,
for example, and setting the NA Config to match work? Short of this, I
guess we may have to talk some software writer into considering adding
support for a couple of more rigs. 

I only recently joined the reflector, so I don't know if this has been
hashed out previously or not. Anyway, I look forward to your response.
Thanks again for such a nice piece of software, sure makes contesting a lot
more fun.

Mark Ketchell, N5MYH

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