[na-user] NA Manual

Joe L Blackwell Joe L Blackwell <aa4nn@juno.com>
Fri, 6 Aug 1999 13:56:37 -0400

Hi Dave, de Joe, AA4NN

Having developed sofware over many years for the so-called
"shareware"  congregation, I would suggest to you that a manual
be available for download from the "registered users" web page.
No reason for you to publish the book, let guys like Radio Bookstore
do the publishing, if that is what users want.  Gee, a quick look at
an electronic page on the web might satisfy a user's question, or
else he/she just down loads pages needed.  Foremost, of course,
is that the person pays for your software.  And gets a password!

Vy 73, de Joe AA4NN
Eastern Top Band ARC,  Carolina DX Assn,  Carolina CW Ops,
Fairfield County Contesters, Ten-Tec only, CW only.
eeetet   ee

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