[na-user] Keying radio with NA??

Jay Kesterson Jay Kesterson <k0gu@verinet.com>
Thu, 12 Aug 1999 23:08:22 -0700

jcullum wrote:
> You shouldn't need a keying circuit with the DVP.  You just need to type a
> command in the logging window to enable the PTT through the DVP cable.  The
> command is PTT or ONAIR (one is for CT and the other is NA. SRI can't
> remember which on is for which, try them both).  The opposite state is NOPTT
> or OFFAIR if you just want to listen to the DVP and not transmit (PTT).
> Hope this helps.
> Jim/K7MK

The K1EA DVP is a board internal to the computer. I formally
could key the rig via an interface on LPT1. But I'm having
no luck keying via the interface on either CW or Phone via
COM1. Not sure if LPT1 would work or not now as the
interface is working on the MSDSP program. 

73,  Jay  K0GU

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