[na-user] BA1DU confuses NA 10.43

Ralph Parker Ralph Parker <rparker@intergate.bc.ca>
Wed, 01 Dec 1999 23:18:42 -0800

So the CQWW is over. My little station did pretty well. But I stumped NA!
Near the end of the contest, I worked BA1DU on 20m. I made sure I got the
call correct.
NA logged the contact, 'BA1DU  599 24' but gave me '\\' instead of
reporting a new country and a new zone on 20m.
I finished the contest, quit the program and reloaded, and NA then reported
a new zone, but not a new country. I worked no other zone 24 calls on 20m,
so I get a country credit regardless of where he was.
I tried adding the call to CQ.CTY, but did something wrong, as my score
dropped by about 50k points, so I went back to the original CQ.CTY.
Can anyone shed any light on this, or tell me how to successfully insert
the call into CQ.CTY?

On a second matter, is anyone else annoyed by the quick flash of "__
needed..." before the "DUPE..." information? It seems too quick to read or
be of any real help, and it slows down the DUPE message, which is REALLY

On a third matter, I can't get NA to send cw out the com port when running
in a DOS window in Windows 95. I have to restart the computer and send it
into DOS mode before W-95 starts. Then all is OK.
Also, I can use the keyer plus the paddle but not PTT, or the keyer and PTT
but not the paddle. Otherwise the computer locks up and sends dots untill I
quit NA and reset the computer.  Any suggestions?



On occasion, I HAVE overlooked information in the manual. Am I doing it

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