[na-user] Video strangness

Tom Ogburn Tom Ogburn <togburn@wwbt.com>
Thu, 09 Dec 1999 14:20:10 -0500

One thing I forgot to mention after CQWW CW this year was that I had
problems during the contest with NA10.43 and video. From time to time I
would have part of the bandmap overlayed on part of the other windows and
the other way around. Also, the help menu would be half there and the
packet window or part of the dupewindow would fill the other half of the
screen. It was strange. The only way to clear it was to shut down the
program, the computer and then reboot.

I'm running a P200mmx with an ATI All-In-Wonder card with the machine
booted in WIN95 MSDOS mode.

Wonder if anyone else had a similar problem and/or running the ATI card?

Tom Ogburn - Technician at WWBT Television, Richmond, VA
Amateur Radio Callsign N4ZJ (ex WB4BVY, AD4KE)

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