[na-user] An Answer to MP PTT & CW

T Mitchell (Tim) T Mitchell (Tim)" <tmitche4@ford.com
Wed, 3 Feb 1999 14:45:37 -0500

I just got off the phone with the fine folks at Yaesu who were nice enough to
talk to me about the MP even though I don't have one.

Yaesu wants at least 50ms from assertion of PTT to the assertion of any CW.

They say that if you gave them 100ms they would like that even more but 50ms is
the minimum time they suggest.

This assumes that the PTT inputs are used, not the CAT instruction.  If the CAT
instruction is used, they suggest a longer time to make sure the cmd is
received, processed, etc.

Guess this will have to wait until it is coded. :-(

Sorry for the bad news (MP owners) but at least we have an answer to the

73 Tim  K9TM

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