[na-user] PTT problems

T Mitchell (Tim) T Mitchell (Tim)" <tmitche4@ford.com
Thu, 4 Feb 1999 09:01:17 -0500

>From Tom's note:

> I use the circuit in the book , the parallel port ,
> and QSK and I have not had a problem.

The key part of this is the "QSK" part.

Again, I am not familiar with the 2000 knobs/buttons on the MP but...
this is not the same as using the PTT to put the unit into xmit.

My guess is that Tom gets to hear his reciever between CW character elements ?

If one is using PTT, this is not true.  The PTT is asserted, thus keying up
the radio, then CW message is sent (no dropout back to rcv), then PTT is
de-asserted, thus un-keying the radio.

Hope this added something to the discussion.

73 Tim  K9TM

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