[na-user] DXCC.CTY

Tom Homewood Tom Homewood <w1to@ibm.net>
Thu, 18 Feb 1999 10:57:32 -0500

I understood there was a new country.dat file, but it is not loaded on
the web site yet.  Per a post from Jim, AD1C.

Tom, W1TO

David A. Pruett wrote:
> K6LA wrote:
> "The newest version of the CTY files doesn't have a DXCC.CTY which
> apparently
> NA is looking for in ARRL DX. Am I missing something?"
> If you're referring to the latest country file that AD1C released, you have
> to
> take the COUNTRY.DAT that he generates and run it through the MAKE COUNTRY
> FILES function in NAU.

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