[na-user] Need some quick help

Garie Halstead Garie Halstead <k8kfj@wvinter.net>
Thu, 18 Feb 1999 20:31:06 -0500

Decided to do a mock ARRL Intl DX contest this evening with my newly
acquired 10.36 version to make sure things were working smoothly.  They
weren't.  :-(  

When I choose the above contest (and choose W/VE) it does not allow me
to log a DX contact saying *W/VE QSOs NOT ALLOWED*

However, if I choose DX, the program works fine and allows me to log all
W/VE contacts without any problems.

Anyone else experience this with 10.36?  What am I missing?

73 //Garie *K8KFJ*

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