[na-user] More on CTY File

David A. Pruett David A. Pruett" <k8cc@ix.netcom.com
Fri, 19 Feb 1999 01:02:08 -0500

Joe Blackwell wrote:

>I previously downloaded NA10.36 and the cty.dat file, even though
>the cty.dat file had a '98 date on it.  Unzipped NA10.36, configured
>and ran NAU for DXCC and CQ cty.  All went well, however Palestine is
>not in the cty.dat file on the Datom web page as is currently posted.
>I went to CT/FILES and downloaded cty.dat and there is Palestine.  I
>ran NAU against that downloaded file then ran NA only to get a program 
>abort along the way.  Had to go back to the old country.dat file just
>to get NA to load and show the contesting screen.  Old cty.dat file,
>tho. An earlier email from Jim, AD1C, indicated he had posted the
>cty.dat file on Datom site, but it it's there, I can't see it.

Computers are so damn literal :-)

CTY.DAT is not the right file.  That is the CT file for country info.

COUNTRY.DAT is the one you need.  Run it through NAU to make DXCC.CTY

I don't wanna hear any griping about the file name similarity.  There
are reasons why the CT and NA files are different.  The names are
different so as to avoid confusion.  Nonetheless, people get confused...

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