[na-user] Failure Testing NA 10.35

N4CW@aol.com N4CW@aol.com
Fri, 8 Jan 1999 21:59:31 EST

While testing version 10.35 prior to NAQP,  I also tried the ARRL DX Contest
Here's exactly what I did (on two different computers, each with a different
operating system--PC DOS 7.0 and Windows95 in DOS mode):
First, I set up the contest entry, enabled the Keyer in the Equipment Control
Table, set the CW weight at 65% and enabled autodupe, and came to the logging
I entered G3FXB, hit the space bar, and hit the number 4 (I was going to enter
400), and immediately got "Error 05 occurred in module 1035 at address
Similar failure on other system...
NAQP (CW) seems to work just fine....I put in a half dozen calls and
exchanges, including DX, and no problems were experienced.
Am I alone in this? It's an easy test....
73, Bert N4CW

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