[na-user] Re:(solution) NAQP-CW-unable to work most DX

Mike Smith Mike Smith" <ve9aa@hotmail.com
Sun, 10 Jan 1999 09:34:40 PST

Thanks to all that responded-(and quickly too!)

Seems that by entering "DX" instead of a country prefix, it will work.

Am still baffled as to why some countries prefixes automatically come 
up, whereby others are able to be entered (MEX=Mexico) and others must
be listed as "DX".  Am sure it would be an easy bug fix.

Thanks to all. CU in the NAQP-SSB in a bit.

-Mike ve9aa
PS-Ask for QSY's if you need NB - and despite what the rules might 
suggest, except for 160m ; the higher in the band the better.  Remember, 
VE1/VE9/VO1/VY2/VO2 are a bit closer to EU than the 4/5/6/7 guys and 
they are very loud at that time of day.  I cringed
evertime someone said "7025 or 3515" (hee hee) .


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