Bob Wanderer Bob Wanderer <aa0cy@nwrain.com>
Sun, 31 Jan 1999 13:03:25 -0800

I just noticed that 10.35 is still the 
latest on the web site.
Will there be a 10.36 (or whatever) soon with 
a fix for the fatal error problem in ARRL 
DX? The contest is but a fortnight away.

This has been in every version I have received
since, I think, 10.32 which is when I first reported
it. I thought it might be my machines only (although
it occurred on a 286, 386, 486 and Pentium) as I have
had these situations occur before, so I reported it to Dave
privately only. However, there were
a couple or three postings recently with other folks seeing
the problem.

In ARRL DX W/VE, as soon as you try to enter the power
either numerically or alphabetically, the program crashes
with a fatal error notification and returns to the DOS C:\

Bob AA0CY/7

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