[na-user] Printing Glitch

Tom Horton Tom Horton <k5iid@wvadventures.net>
Mon, 12 Jul 1999 11:53:56 -0400

 I have had this problem for a while, but have worked around it other ways.
Just wonder if anyone else is seeing it?
After the contest, I write the log to disk and then go back to NA and call
the contest back up and tell it to print the logs. It prints all the
reports and 
and then goes into printing the logs...but it never prints all of them! Seems
to stop somewhere on the last page. Usually about 10 QSO's from the end.
In other words...600 QSO's ...589 printed and then it started on 590 and
after printing tjhe QSO number and the date.
Ideas? Suggestions???
I disabled the call database before I wrote to disk. 
Thanks, 73, 
 Tom K5IID 
 Tom Horton

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