[na-user] Merging Logs

David A. Pruett David A. Pruett" <k8cc@ix.netcom.com
Fri, 4 Jun 1999 21:57:31 -0400


I assume when you say "my first attempt was an unuseable mess", I assume
you mean the received QSO data.  Most of the QSO data in an NA .QDF file is
always in the same place and should import fine.  For example, here are the
raw data fields:

DATE/TIME	32 bit binary number
FREQ/MODE	32 bit binary number
CALLSIGN	12 ASCII characters
RX EXCHANGE 15 ASCII characters
XMTR NR	8 bit binary number
SENT QSO NR	16 bit binary number
SPARE		Two bytes

The only data which changes format is the RX exchange.  Perhaps we need a
function in NAU to convert this to NALogger format, which I'm assuming you
would use day to day?  In this case, whatever data we could fit would
appear in the "comments" field on the screen.



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