[na-user] NA and Field Day

Greg and LeAnn Richard Greg and LeAnn Richard" <k4no@ix.netcom.com
Fri, 18 Jun 1999 18:12:37 -0500

I am getting ready to do a 2D effort in Field Day.  Stations in the "D"
class can only work stations in the A/B/C/E class for points. While testing
NA 10.39 with the computer network,  I simulate a QSO with another a station
in the "D" class.  NA  scores it like it was an A/B/C/E class station.

Did I miss somenthing in the setup part of the contest?

I'd rather not have to go back through the logs after FD and
take out all the "D" category QSO's


Greg K4NO

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