[na-user] Phantom dupes

W0EBA@aol.com W0EBA@aol.com
Mon, 28 Jun 1999 19:42:20 EDT

<<During the course of FD, we had some unusual and unexpected things happen
with our logging.  From time to time, the computers would begin just adding
log entries at a rapid rate for a few seconds.  This was observed on the
screens of all three logging computers.

A preliminary review of the logs last night revealed some 350+ entries, all
on 160CW, that have exactly the same UTC and no callsign entered.  NA
marked all of the entries with no callsign as DUPE of the first one with no
callsign.  Of course, we know these are incorrect, because we did not use
160m at all>>

Today I combined a group of files that we generated for Field Day (one was on 
site logging for CW which I ran -- 5 others were "Manual Mode" generated from 
paper logs after Field Day)  The first time I did it there were about a dozen 
dupes made of the first log entry in my file and about 90% of the contacts 
were not in the log at all.  I am using 10.40 just downloaded before Field 
Day.  I redid everything from the copies of the logs that I kept and the 
second time it worked fine.  Must be a bug someplace to have this happen 
under two different scenerios.

Byron, WEBA

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