[na-user] Help window, Honor Sprint

dap14@daimlerchrysler.com dap14@daimlerchrysler.com
Fri, 21 May 1999 13:32:06 -0400

Mike, N2MG had some questions, the answers for which I thought might be useful
to the reflector at large>

>1.If I bring up help ( I need to do that a LOT :o) ), I cannot then
>get the help to "go away".  It seems to me that a ALT-H should toggle
>it on, then off.  Perhaps not.  I suppose I must then know what the
>hot-key is (I don't, yet!) for the now-hidden window(s) in order to
>"hide" the help?

Pressing Alt-H again brings up the topic menu so you can quickly jump
to another topic.  You are correct that in order to get the Help Window
to close you need to restore another window in the same area.  I use
F9 (Check Callsign) to do this.

>2.I'd like to give NA a spin in the CW Honor Sprint this weekend
>(you all do know about this, right?! ) but the contest is being held
>on 20, 15, 10 instead of the standard Sprint 80, 40, 20.  Radio
>control will be somewhat useless unless there's a way to change the
standards or trick NA somehow. Any ideas?

If the rules are otherwise the same, its simple to create a new
contest rules template for the Honor Sprint.  Here's how to do it:

1) Make a copy of SPRINT.CRT, and call it HONOR.CRT.

2) Start up TE.EXE (since you don't have a manual yet, this is the
Template Editor program) and select HONOR.CRT to work on.

3) Change any of the items as necessary for the Honor Sprint.  I
would assume this would be the Contest Name, Contest Bands, and
maybe the contest starting time?  (This last item is only necessary
for the rate sheets to come out correctly.)

4. Exit TE with the Escape key (doesn't work while in certain fields)
and save the HONOR.CRT template.

5. Start NA - the Honor Sprint should automatically appear on the
list of supported contests.



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