[na-user] NA Sprint Techniques

Bill Fisher - W4AN Bill Fisher - W4AN <w4an@contesting.com>
Tue, 7 Sep 1999 10:16:02 -0400 (EDT)

I'm going to give you guys my way of doing the Sprint with NA.  Everyone
has their own technique, so don't assume this is the best way.  Just my
way, and it seems to work for me.

1)  I send with the paddles 1/2 of the time in the Sprint.  Whenever I
call someone on the default radio, it's with paddles.  So using SPRINT
LOGIC does not work for me.  I also send all repeats with the paddles.  If
you can't send well with paddles, obviously this doesn't work.

2)  Given #1, I program F2 as # BILL GA W4AN and F3 as @ W4AN BILL GA.
Then I use the Plus key when it is not my frequency and the insert key
when it is my frequency.

3) Sending with the paddles works.  Timing is everything and many times
when there is a pile up I will respond K4AAA A A A.  Most everyone is
familiar with the AAA callsign, and if everyone is the same strength my
tail ending with AAA gets me through.

4) I used the NA dupe sheet for the first time this sprint.  Works great
except for when trying to do the 2nd radio.  Wanted to ask Dave if we
could add a key sequence where the dupe sheet is for the 2nd radio not the
first.  This would be handy.  See below.

5) I use the 2nd radio now only during the transition to 40 and the last
15 mintues on 80M.  I am now doing it like this...

I always try to work two guys on a frequency.  Therefore, my focus is
always with S&P.  I don't bip bop CQ's like I hear many guys doing.  Waste
of time IMO.  When I finish a QSO and I must QSY, while the exchange is
being sent to me I hunt a clear frequency on the 2nd radio.  After
confirming the QSO (I always do), I switch radios and hit F1 to CQ on the
2nd radio.  Then while this CQ is going (normally at a slower speed that I
usually operate the Sprint) I search for another station on what now I
guess you could call my 2nd radio.  But in reality it's the radio with my
focus.  Now if I find someone I need, I cut off the CQ and call him.  If I
don't find someone, the CQ will end and hopefully it will be someone
calling me.  

I tried using Sprint logic at the start of the contest and got screwed up
for 10 mins trying to fix it back to the way I like it.  Next time I'll be

6)  Two radios for the Sprint is highly over rated.  All I figure it buys
me are a couple of mults if I am lucky.  I dont' think it buys me many
QSO's.  If you are not doing 335 QSO's already, don't worry about the 2nd



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