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Tom Ogburn Tom Ogburn <togburn@wwbt.com>
Wed, 05 Apr 2000 12:04:19 -0400


You have a very valid point, esp. in a multi-op environment. When I operate
up at M/M W4MYA's I have to get used to two things:

1) - CT (there, I said it - sorry)

2) - Different keyboards than at home, with no re-mapping or extra
functions. I've really gotten used to the programmable keyboard with its
extra 10 keys, and I have to remember which ALT something to hit in a
different environment (esp. at 3am).

We did the VA QSO Party mobile last weekend, and I had to get used to a
laptop keyboard. In that case, the NA remap feature worked very well. Dave,
I really appreciate that feature. 

One of the reasons I mentioned in an earlier NA "wishlist" that I would
like to see a VFO A/B toggle key is that the way my station is laid out, I
really have to go out of the way to reach around that large programmable
keyboard to get to the radio. Unfortunately, I have a very small, crowded
shack table. I hope to upsize someday and change my layout. For now, the
little wireless keyboard will be fine for day-to-day and I can comfortably
rest my arms on both sides of it and work the radio.

Don, thanks for the suggestion on the SIIG keyboard. I use their
multi-comport expansion cards for the contest computer. I'll check out
their website for the keyboard.

Regards all,


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