[na-user] FQP mobile operation

Garie Halstead Garie Halstead <k8kfj@wvinter.net>
Sun, 30 Apr 2000 16:51:49 +0000

I've been making a few contacts in the Florida QSO Party this weekend. 
I ran into 3 mobile stations who activated County lines.

Is there a correct way to log these if both counties are a new mult?  I
thought of trying....

1718  K4XXX/m   MTE
1718  K4XXX/m   SAR

That would give me credit for both new county mults but unfortunately
would also give me 2 QSO points (which would be wrong).

Any thoughts appreciated?  Thanks.

73 //Garie  *K8KFJ*  <NA10.47>

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