[na-user] computer interface to Icom 706MKIIG

Dan Kovatch Dan Kovatch <W8CAR@lrbcg.com>
Fri, 04 Aug 2000 15:26:41 -0400

I know NAQP is tomorrow so I'm rushing it a bit.......
I have this nice new 706MKiiG and built a computer interface. It doesn't
work. So, I order an MFJ cable with basically the same circuit built
in-no joy. The Icom manual is very vague about the computer hook up - it
assumes you'll spend the bucks for the CT-17. (So, I tried to be cheap!)

I don't know if the Icom is stubborn or me. Here's what I've checked.

First, the config file is set up correctly. My 1000mp wrks fb.
Second, the Icom is set on autobaud-according to the manual it picks 
the rate off the port and adjucts automatically. I tried also setting it
to 4800 -same as in the config file.
The home brew interface appears to have the right voltages to go from
ttl to 232.
The serial port runs my TNC just fine so the port appears to be healthy
Any hinks from the reflector will be appreciated.Is there some Icom
magic incantation?
Soon to be semi-SOTR


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