[na-user] update on Icom 706MkIIG interface

Dan Kovatch Dan Kovatch <W8CAR@lrbcg.com>
Tue, 08 Aug 2000 11:28:35 -0400

Many thanks to Dave K8CC and Chuck N6OJ for their right on response
about the radio address change needed. This did not effect a total cure.
I operated for a few hours in NAQP and quit because condx were bad hr in
OH. I spent time trouble shooting the homebrew interface and found
several problems on the board but it STILL doesn't work. The MFJ5383I
cable that I ordered didn't wrk either. Yesterday, I drove into
Cleveland for a meeting and stopped at AES and bought the CT17

As you have probably guessed the rig now talks to NA with no problem. 
Thanks to Dave and Chuck for the heads up on the radio address-I would
have figured that out in about Jan of 2002 :)


1. My eyes are getting too old to wire tiny parts onto boards.
2. I still make the same wiring mistakes I mad on my first kit- A DX-40.
3. Soldering used to be easier.
4. I love my MFJ 259B but the cable interface leaves a lot to be desired
 (in all fairness it might be defective) since it doesn't work.

CU in Ohio QSO party end of August.


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