[na-user] NA Version 10.45 Available

Ron Wetjen Ron Wetjen <wd4ahz@gte.net>
Thu, 03 Feb 2000 14:07:20 +0000

Thanks again Dave!!!

One additional update to the SECTIONS.MLT file, be sure to add

West Central Florida:   WCF:  4:    4;

This new ARRL section was added January 15, 2000.  I don't believe it
will come into play until Field Day and then Sweepstakes ... but I don't
want to have to explain to everyone what it is or why it doesn't show up
as a multiplier during FD or SS ... that'll ruin my rate!!

Just want to make sure everyone has planned ahead and won't be surprised
by the WCF section abbreviation when it starts showing up later this

73, Ron

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