[na-user] bug?

Andy Summers Andy Summers <andy.summers@ttpcom.com>
Fri, 16 Jun 2000 13:54:18 +0100


I'm a brand new user. I think I've found a bug in 10.47. I already sent
this direct to Datom but haven't had any answer so far. Has anyone else
seen this problem?

>Date: Thu, 15 Jun 2000 09:30:38 +0100
>To: DATOM@contesting.com
>From: Andy Summers <andy.summers@ttpcom.com>
>Subject: NA 10.47 Bug
>Cc: mm@plextek.co.uk, simon.ruffle@btinternet.com
>I received my new copy of NA 10.47 on Monday (interesting that the manual
claims to be for 10.48!). Last night we set up a 2-radio + Packetcluster
arrangement. We wanted to use NA for IARU. We found the following problems:
>1) Grabbing the last DX spot using Alt-F4 works as advertised. Toggling
Alt-F4 toggles the radio between the spot frequency and the original 'run'
frequency correctly. Grabbing any of the spots by using Ctrl-RtArrow then
Return sends the radio to the spot frequency, but then pressing Alt-F4
again appears to grab the last spot. Pressing Alt-F4 again toggles back to
the original spot's frequency selected with Ctrl-RtArrow, i.e. the original
run frequency is lost. It's obviously a bit of a disaster to lose your run
>2) Callsigns in the packet announcement list do not get deleted as they
are worked.
>We have previously used CT, but we would like to use NA because of its
template ability; useful for setting up RSGB contests. Unfortunately, (1)
severely limits the way we operate contests. Is there any chance this could
be fixed before IARU?
>I have some other suggestions:
>In CT, after a spot was grabbed via Ctrl-RtArrow, toggling Alt-F4 would
toggle the radio between that particular spot and the run frequency. I'm
not sure how that state is cleared and Alt-F4's function is returned to
grabbing the last spot. Maybe when a call is logged? We find this feature
really useful when calling CQ and waiting for the spot to call QRZ.
>Both CT and NA do not clear the callsign field when an Alt-F4 returns the
radio to the run frequency. An even better solution to clearing the field
would be to re-instate whatever had been written in that field on the run
>In general, we got the impression that NA is better structured and easier
to use than CT, particularly during set-up. We'd like to use it in anger!
>Andy, G4KNO.
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