[na-user] FQP mobile operation

Garie Halstead Garie Halstead <k8kfj@wvinter.net>
Tue, 02 May 2000 18:35:16 +0000

On Monday, 01 May 2000, Jim Reisert wrote:

> A summary of the responses posted back to the reflector would have been 
> helpful.

Perhaps you're correct Jim.  Good idea.  Here tis....

> It is ok to log it the way that you did. The rules state that mobiles on a 
> county line count for 2 QSO's and 2 mults. I had a similar problem until I 
> was told about this half way into the contest!!!  I had to redo my log last
> nite during the break....

> I believe this has come up before,  but my memory is not
> that swift.  My question has to do with logging rovers.  First,
> let me describe how I log them.
>   I'll use the Michigan QSO Party as an example.  Let's say I log
> K8CC the first time.  Not knowing for sure that he is roving,  I
> simply log him as K8CC, and log MACK as the county.
>   Later, I run into him again, and notice he's giving EMME as the
> county.  I need EMME, so I type K8CC/EMME in the call field,
> and type EMME as the county.  But when I hit enter,  NA reports that I
> need to enter a valid call.  I change the call to K8CC/EMM,  and
> NA accepts it.  No Problem.
>   Next I run into K8XXX in MONR.  Somehow forgetting that NA 
> doesn't seem to accept the <callsign/xxxx> scheme, I log him as
> K8XXX/MONR.  I hit enter, and NA takes it!  Hmmm.
>   Why does NA take the 4 letter extension with some calls,  and
> with others it only likes 3 letters after the "/"?  I noticed during the
> contest that with rovers with 1 by 3 calls,  NA  accepted the 4 letter 
> abbreviations after the "/",  while 1 by 2 calls only took 3 letters.
>   This wasn't any big deal until I worked K8CC in OSCE.  There were
> 2 counties that could be abbreviated OSC,  so I ended up typing something
> cryptic like K8CC/OSC1, and it accepted that,  I assume because it was a
> number, not a letter?  Of course in the qth field, it showed OSCE for the
> county.
>   I was using ver. 10.47, BTW,  Had "qth match for dupe" enabled in the
> options panel (but that shouldn't have had any effect on the call field,
> right?).
> I have noticed this anomaly several times in the past few years 
> using different versions.
>   Let me emphasize that this is not a big problem for me,  but I was just
> curious as to why it was occuring,  and more importantly,  if there
> was something I was doing wrong,  or could do differently.  Ideally,
> I like to look at the call with the 4 letter county designation after the
> slant.  A quick glance at the auto-partial check window shows all the
> counties that that call was worked in,  without resorting to the "qso's
> with callsign" SH-F9 screen.  Not to mention that the 4 letter county
> designation pretty much removes the chance of running into the 
> aforementioned "Osceola, Oscola" predicament.
>   And allow me to apologize if this has been discussed before.  Or, if
> there is something in the docs that covers it, or perhaps a tech note,  I
> would appreciate a shove in the right direction.
> By the way,  MIQP was a blast.  Thanks to K8CC and the other rovers
> for a great effort.  See you all in the Florida and Ontario qso parties
> this weekend.

> FOR 2 SEPARATE QSOS ONE EACH COUNTY..didnt mean to yell.
> but was surprised to see that on the current rules at their web site.

> According to the rules a mobile on county lines counts for 1 pt for each
> county..
> I use this method of loging the w4aa/M  what I do
> is    eg.  W4AA/MTE         59    MTE    1
>               W4AA/SAR         59    SAR    1
> This gives credit for  2 QSO pts and 2 Mults..

> I normally hand edit the summary sheet and log after the
> contest. Fortunately not many stations set 
> up on county lines.

> Garie you CAN claim two QSO's and two points. It's even written as such in
> the rules.

> Make sure you select the option "QTHs Must Match For Dupe".  You can log
> the mobiles as
> K4XXX/MTE and K4XXX/SAR ... you'll get credit for both QSO's and mults
> (if needed).  QSO's on conty lines count for QSO and Multiplier (if
> needed) credit for each QSO.

73 //Garie  *K8KFJ*

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