[na-user] Loop Networks

Scott Dickson, W5WZ Scott Dickson, W5WZ" <W5WZ@arrl.net
Thu, 04 May 2000 13:01:04 -0500

Last year at Field Day we operated with 3 computers connected via a loop 
network as described in the NA manual.  This was our first time to try the 
network setup.  There were at times some unexplained oddities that took 
place.  Computers on the network seemed to get out of sync with each 
other.  One computer could lock up, and bring the other 2 with it.  We used 
standard telephone wire between the computers, with 2 being 20 feet apart, 
and the 3rd another 70 feet away.

We found the network to be very helpful, and are think of expanding the 
network to all 6 computers this year.

My questions:

What is the limit to the length of wire connecting the computers?

Must the wire/cable be shielded?

Are there any other tips that aren't found in the manual concerning the 
loop network?

--Scott, W5WZ

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