[na-user] Re: loop networks

K2KW K2KW" <K2KW@prodigy.net
Sat, 6 May 2000 00:17:11 -0700

> - - Don't shut any of the computers down.  If one crashes, its no big deal
> but if you want to stay synchronized, stop logging QSOs until the offender
> is brought back up.

A tip if a computer has gone off line...  I make a few "loop-back" plugs
from DB9/DB25's (the loop-back shorts TXD and RXD - pins 2 & 3?  I dont have
my manual in front of me to be sure).  If a computer crashes, or you want to
take a computer off line, just plug the loop-back onto the Y-connector
feeding each computer.   The loop-back completes the network, so there is
minimal loss of data among the computers that are left on-line.

When you want to bring that computer back on line (taking the loop-back off
and plugging it into the new computer) you only lose another QSO or two.

Kenny K2KW

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