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Read the last few articles with interest .
May well be a FAQ - but do many groups use packet for connecting a
network system ?  I wondered what problems other than getting out of
sync again it would pose ?  At least it should help with RFI on the
network cables !!  We had thought of using a radio connection over
perhaps half a mile to separate "Run" and "Mult" stations - although I
guess a set of decent filters at both ends could help solve the problem! 

 In article <>, k8cc
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>At 12:17 AM 5/6/00 -0700, K2KW wrote:
>>A tip if a computer has gone off line...  I make a few "loop-back" plugs
>>from DB9/DB25's (the loop-back shorts TXD and RXD - pins 2 & 3?  I dont have
>>my manual in front of me to be sure).  If a computer crashes, or you want to
>>take a computer off line, just plug the loop-back onto the Y-connector
>>feeding each computer.   The loop-back completes the network, so there is
>>minimal loss of data among the computers that are left on-line.
>This works real well.  At K8CC, we went a step further.  For our loop 
>network, we brought serial cables from each computer to a central box in 
>the shack.  The box ties all the serial cables together for the loop 
>network through toggle switches so that any computer can be taken out of 
>the network with just the flip of a switch.
>We also added an LED to monitor the status of each serial line, like those 
>inexpensive COM port testers you can buy.  A 2.7K 1/4W resistor and a 
>dual-color LED is all it takes.  This is very useful for determining the 
>network status at a glance, or for troubleshooting serial cables.  Its also 
>fun to watch when a QSO gets logged, as you can follow (with the blinking 
>LEDs) the QSO as it ripples around the network.
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