[na-user] NA Practice Mode audio question

John K Bednar John K Bednar <jkbe@lucent.com>
Mon, 15 May 2000 08:39:34 -0400

James Headrick wrote:
> After looking at the number of my errors made in the last SS, some practice
> seemed in order.  I tried to use the NA Practice mode but have a problem.
> The trouble is that I cant get the audio to come out of the SoundBlaster in
> the PC.  


If you have a CW keying interface hooked to your radio, try

Turn on your radio, turn the VOX off so the radio won't
put the headphones on and listen to the sidetone in the 
radio. It works great with the TS-850. Just make sure the 
radio isn't transmitting.

John, K3CT

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