[na-user] NA vs CT using OMNI 6+

JBaumgarte@aol.com JBaumgarte@aol.com
Tue, 16 May 2000 13:46:57 EDT

Dave and others,

I have successfully used NA with my two Omni 6's (both with plus features).  
I am using a switch box patterned after the one in the NA book and it works 
great.  The interesting part of doing this with Omni 6's is that the band 
information is available at the RS 232 port on the transceivers.  I tried to 
use this to directly switch Dunestar Band pass filters, but the +5 volts on 
the Omni's was not enough to throw the 12 volt relays in the Dunestars, so 
bought a couple of the 8 channel source drivers (UDN2985A) that Ten tec uses 
in the Omni and with a little help from the always helpful Ron, at Dunestar 
came up with a couple of devices that auto-switch the Band Pass filters 
without using any com or parallel ports.  Therefore, it is possible to run a 
full SO2R with full band pass filtering using just 2 com ports (one to 
control each radio), and one parallel port for the switch box and keying.  
They shouldn't conflict, although I have a W9XT card in my computer and use 
that for keying as well.  Incidentally, the remote Ten tec tuning knob (301) 
can be tied with the computer control wires and the band information wires 
for the band pass filters with no conflicts or problems.  I have the Ten Tec 
auto tuner which also uses some of these, so my port at the back of the main 
radio is pretty busy!  I just completed all of this, so next season will be 
my first real attempt (tried a couple of state QSO parties this winter just 
to see that it all really worked--it did)

John, N0IJ

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