[na-user] clicks and no sidetone on NA

Eric Pearson Eric Pearson <epearson@ezylink.com>
Fri, 03 Nov 2000 19:08:53 -0800

At 06:30 PM 11/3/00 , James White wrote:
>...I suspect it may be a fried

When I run NA in a Win98 DOS window I also just hear clicks.  But if I
"restart in MSDOS mode" I get normal tones.  I also found that even in
a DOS window if I run NA in "practice" mode first before running a normal
log I get normal sidetones after that. (until I close that window)

I think its a speaker timing problem that "practice" mode resets (because it
changes tones many times) that the normal mode of NA ignores.

Hope this helps - 73,
Eric - K6EP

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