[na-user] Troubles with ALT/K

k8cc k8cc <k8cc@mediaone.net>
Sun, 12 Nov 2000 01:10:06 -0500

At 11:04 AM 11/11/00 -0800, Ray Benny wrote:
>For the SS CW effort last weekend N6VR was a multi-single entry. It was
>the first time any of us had used NA. I cannot complain about NA, it
>worked very well. The problem is, that at sometime, all the operators
>hit Alt/K instead of Crtl/K to clear the qso line.
>Alt/K sets the keyboard into the TX keying mode, if it is setup. In our
>case, we did not set it up because we felt that it was not needed. If
>during the heat of the contest, I hit Alt/K instead of Crtl/K to clear
>(kill) the data on the qso line, the keyboard (computer) appeared to
>freeze up. I now understand that if I hit Alt/K again, everything
>returns to normal. But, not knowing this at the time, one hits any
>number of keys trying to unfreeze the keyboard, including ESC. At this
>point we are desperate, only thing to do is reboot the computer.


I looked at the source code and the Alt-K key combination (keyboard mode) 
is only activated under the following conditions:

1. A CW port is selected
2. CW Keyer has been enabled in the equipment control panel.

I've confirmed that it works this way in 10.49.

Please check your SS file to see if the keyer was enabled, perhaps by 
accident.  If the red command bar above the log screen is showing "CW 
Keyer: xx WPM" then it IS enabled.  If this is the case you should find 
that a keying port was selected and the CW keyer is enabled in the 

If the keyer is turned OFF in the EQUIPMENT CONTROL PANEL, Alt-K is 
disabled and would have prevented the problem you describe.

Dave Pruett, K8CC
DATOM Engineering

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