[na-user] Troubles with ALT/K

Mike Gilmer - N2MG Mike Gilmer - N2MG <n2mg@contesting.com>
12 Nov 2000 19:01:54 -0800

On Sat, 11 November 2000, k8cc wrote:

> Ray,
> I looked at the source code and the Alt-K key combination (keyboard mode) 
> is only activated under the following conditions:
> 1. A CW port is selected
> 2. CW Keyer has been enabled in the equipment control panel.
> I've confirmed that it works this way in 10.49.
> Please check your SS file to see if the keyer was enabled, perhaps by 
> accident.  If the red command bar above the log screen is showing "CW 
> Keyer: xx WPM" then it IS enabled.  If this is the case you should find 
> that a keying port was selected and the CW keyer is enabled in the 
> If the keyer is turned OFF in the EQUIPMENT CONTROL PANEL, Alt-K is 
> disabled and would have prevented the problem you describe.
> Dave Pruett, K8CC

Dave - any reason that the escape key could not be used to exit the keyboard mode?  It has always seemed natural to me to use ESC for this purpose, but of course it does not work.

Mike N2MG

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